Vstroker Review

About Vstroker

With the Vstroker device you can change your Fleshlight (Fleshlight Review) into the best virtual sex product ever. If you combine your Fleshlight with the Vstroker, you do not simply watch x-rated movies anymore - you will be a part of the action! 

The technique proceeds in all areas of our lives: Just think about the capabilities of modern mobile phones or navigation devices for cars and so on. But when it comes to Masturbation we still “do it” like our ancestors did it in the Stone Age. 

We think now it is time to change this condition with Vstroker, the best virtual sex product ever created. If you attach this great device to a Fleshlight sex toy, you will transform it into an advanced virtual sex machine of the newest generation. Your Vstroker will transmit every penetration of your Fleshlight wirelessly to your PC and all your motions will be simulated within the Vstroker enabled content – for example in 3D Sex Games or interactive porn movies. Vstroker will enable you to create your own x-rated movies in real-time. By the way, Vstroker already won an Xbiz award during its development phase – this is no wonder, because Vstroker is without doubt the best virtual sex product on the market nowadays. 

What does Vstroker consist of and how does it work?

This device consists of the following 5 elements:

1. The Vstroker unit

To use the Vstroker unit, you have to connect it to your Fleshlight. The Vstroker unit is a motion sensor device that registers all the moves you make with your Fleshlight. At the same time it will transmit all the movements wirelessly to the Vstroker USB Stick (USB dongle) that is connected to your computer – this enables you to control interactive 3D Computer games or x-rated movies directly with the Fleshlight sex toy. 

To turn the Vstroker onto the Fleshlight you first have to screw the electronics housing tightly to the adapter piece. Then you have to unscrew the cap from your Fleshlights back. After that you simply have to screw the adapter onto the cap. By the way, you can adjust the Vstroker adapter to supply more or less airflow (just like original Fleshlight cap).

2. The Vstroker USB Stick 

You simply have to insert the USB stick in your computer – then this wireless USB dongle will receive the signals transmitted by the Fleshlight unit. The first time when you plug in the Vstroker USB stick it will install its own drivers (“plug & play”). Make sure that the Vstroker drivers are installed before you try out the Vstroker for the first time. When this is done, you have to turn the Vstroker on by pressing the bottom. As soon as the device is connected to your computer correctly it will start to blink.

3. A free interactive Vstroker Video

Together with the Vstroker device you will get an URL where you can download an interactive movie in HD quality to check out your new sex toy. Use the Vstroker video player to adjust the sensitivity of the movement. Certainly you can watch this x-rated video without the Vstroker, but only when the Vstroker is connected to your computer (through the USB stick) you will be able to have fun with the interactive scenes.

By the way, besides the interactive Vstroker movies there are already many interactive Computer games that can be controlled by this amazing virtual sex device (for example “3D Sexvilla 2” or “Hentai 3D 2”). And the content for Vstroker grows every day.

4. Free 14-day subscription to Vstroker TV

If you buy a Vstroker or a Vstroker package (Vstroker combined with a Fleshlight), you will have 14-day unlimited access to the member´s area of Vstroker.com for free – there you can enjoy lots of interactive x-rated movies in a user-friendly environment. We recommend a monthly subscription where you can download several interactive porn movies at once and build up a library with your favorite videos. So you will be able to watch these movies whenever you are in the mood. By the way, if you don´t want to have a monthly membership you got the possibility to buy premium movies separately. Each month about 10-20 new interactive porn movies will be released on Vstroker TV. According to the statement made by Vstroker even interactive 3D games and other content you can use with the Vstroker will follow in the near future.

5. 2 AAA batteries for the Vstroker unit

Important: Please note that the Fleshlight sex toy will not be included (unless you order the Vstroker package: Vstroker + Fleshlight sex toy).

How to clean your Vstroker

Cleaning your Vstroker is very simple: Wash the adapter with warm water and dry it with a clean tissue or cloth. But be careful: The water must NOT be allowed to get into the electronics housing or the batteries compartment. To prevent this, the Vstroker consists of two parts in order to protect the sensitive electronics in the electronics housing. So make sure that the washed adapter is absolutely dry before you reattach it to the electronics housing. If you follow these instructions your Vstroker device will make you very happy for a long time!

System Requirements:

For Windows PCs: Broadband Internet connection. Windows XP/XP64/Vista/Vista64/7 OS (with the latest updates or service packs) - Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 1500 + - 2 GB or more RAM - 10 GB free disk space.

For MAC: Broadband Internet connection. Processor: Intel Core™ Duo 1.83GHz or faster. - OS: Mac OS 10.5 or newer - RAM: Minimal 512MB RAM; recommended: 1GB RAM.

Important: The Vstroker USB stick / dongle works with any Windows PC or Laptop and with any iMac or Mac OS Computer. The iPad will follow in the future.